About us

Started in 1964 as a small family business, Diamond glass works has now grown into a reputed and leading manufacturer of Hi-Tech industrial Safety sight glasses. DGW is the pioneer in manufacturing of quality industrial Glasses in India.
With its extensive research & development program DGW has successfully introduced High Pressure Oil Tempered and silicon Coated Glasses for the first time in India.
DGW's High Pressure Oil Tempered and Silicon Coated Glasses are comparable to the most sophisticated imported glasses and have proved themselves where visual control of the process is essential in pressure vessels, subjected to additional thermal & chemical stress. These glasses are substitute for the same type of imported glasses, not only in quality and strength but commercially as well.
The High Safety level is secured by thermal pre-stressing which creates high resistance to sudden thermal shocks. The Characteristic values and close dimensional tolerances are guaranteed by multistage production & quality control.
DGW offers a complete range of industrial Glasses required by paper , Sugar , Chemical , Petrochemical, Solvent Extractors , Refineries , Soya Processors, Distilleries, Fabricators , oil mills , Plant Manufacturers Pressure Transmitters etc. DGW specializes in providing glass as per specification of the industry.
DGW has developed special type of Oil Tempering Process for the first time in India . This process makes the glass extra hard , corrosive resistant and thermal shock resistant , as an alternative for imported glasses.

Diamond Glass Works - Specialities

Very high mechanical strength compared to other glasses
Joining face of glasses are machined parallel to 0.003 tolerance ensuring minimum strain while mounting
Suitable for pressure up to 1000 PSI and temperature up to 800 C
Glasses manufactured are as per DIN 7081, BS 3463/75, IS 6180, IS 5428 specification